“TEX INNOVATION” speaks about UP Solutions

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“TEX INNOVATION” speaks about UP Solutions
“TEX INNOVATION” speaks about UP Solutions

September issue of the periodical “Tex Innovation” (www.texclubtec.it) dedicated two pages to Up Solutions and PA Group in the setting of innovation in data gathering and management in production processes.
Starting points of the piece are the experience and the work developed by the two firms on Phifer Inc., the American company, established in 1952 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and nowadays representing the world’s largest producer of aluminium and fiberglass insect screening products with offices in US, India and Asia.

PA and Up Solutions offered Phifer a system for Lean Manufacturing through the MES solution and its modules: JUST PLM, JUST PLANNING and JUST MONITORING. The project was carried on, firstly, building a prototype, and then implementing a complete suite which could perfectly link the MES and the ERP system.
PA and Up Solutions effort opened the door to great future possibilities. Inside the American firm has been created not only a general model, but above all new competences and know-how for workforce, now able to solve problems and better. Always in terms of innovation.
Together with the excellent goals and aims reached, Phifer CIO William Work underlined a very important aspect, that is the fit between the consulting team and the company’ employees.

Download the complete issuehttp://www.texclubtec.it/tex_innovation/corrente.asp