Not just smart solutions, but a partner that follows you around the world

Thanks to our network of partners and offices in the United States and North Africa, we are now able to support you, worldwide, in the development of short and long-term projects.

Our internationally experience, the dislocation of our customers all over the world and the flexibility that has always distinguished us, have allowed us to create a support program that can be shaped according to the merchandise sector and the reference market of our interlocutors.

  • Maintenance and support

    360° Support

    We assist our clients at 360°, providing software updates and a helpdesk for diagnosis and troubleshooting.

  • Worldwide installation

    160 customers in 30 countries

    We provide IT solutions to manufacturing companies and large retailers worldwide. Today we can be proud of more than 160 customers in 30 countries.

  • Professional consultancy

    For your projects

    We create projects tailored to our customers, managing all stages of development, vouch for quality, information completeness and the final result.



The service agreement software is an integral and essential part of the investment made. It is important to consider that it’s significant to invest in a service contract, to keep the system in use as long as possible.

What is a service agreement software?

It is an agreement guaranteeing a customer certain services, including updates and help desk support during the term of the contract.

Why do I need it?

The service agreement keeps systems up-to-date and helps maintain operational consistency to maximize return on investment. Software systems cannot be independent and isolated; rather, they will always operate within an expansive IT environment consisting of hardware and software. These IT systems evolve and change over time, so software must follow suit in order to remain relevant.

The R&D department at Up Solutions develops and continually improves product functionality, resulting in consistent software updates and improvements.

If problems arise while using the software, the Up Solutions remote assistance helpdesk provides a way to diagnose problems or errors, and assigns resources to take action. The standard remote helpdesk services are available in English and are accessible by phone or email. The support service is available during work hours specified in the service contract.

Through the dedicated portal you can access the latest documentation and FAQs.

Professional Consultancy


Our vast experience with project management and the various aspects that can impact software implementation have led to a standard methodology that we bring to every project. We are dedicated to reference methodology to ensure the complete success of our projects. The Up Solutions methodology allows for a flexible approach, adapting some phases of the project based on customer needs.


Our project approach philosophy combines two concepts that have always characterized our business, Completeness and Intensity.

Completeness is the ability to manage a project in all aspects from introduction to implementation to support of the systems. In fact, the growing complexity within most businesses creates processes that must overlap different business divisions, making traditional job roles or areas of expertise is less defined. Our method provides a transverse support structure wherein our consultants offer a wide range of expertise throughout the organization. We can apply this knowledge in less time, with the same level of effectiveness.

Intensity is how we approach and engage in a project, focusing our efforts within a limited timeframe and using a consulting team that maximizes their efforts. As such, goals are reached in less time and with low costs, without sacrificing quality.


The project lifecycle consist of 5 steps:

  • Defining Goals & Methods
  • Analysis
  • Prototype
  • GoLive


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